”I tell you the truth when you tease me, well, I do not say, you are making dinner to eat.”Qi Yue said with a smile, handed Song Sisi bowl, and then looked with astonishment at the bowl,” Pork, green peppers Xianggan there, all your favorite dishes ah, it seems very Qiyang understand your preferences.”

  Song Sisi just took the bowl, I heard mentioned Qiyang Qi Yue, hand slipped and almost fell down bowl, Qi Yue deftly to help her a bit, smiling, he said: “eat slowly, not enough to make you give Qiyang Sheng.”
  ”Sister-in-law,” Song Sisi face heat as Huoshao, Jiao Chen said, “You in the end is which side of the station.”
  Qi Yue stopped laughing, seriously said: “I do not which side stand, my heart.”
  Song Sisi: “.”
  ”Well, you eat, I looked at the children.”
  Qi Yue is no longer true after it filed Qiyang, waving her hand and picked up the long red fat arm of the Ya-Ya, teasing the other hand picked up the other two baby rattle.
  Rattled, drums musical, Song Sisi eating meals in the past, like drums, but some dull, my mind always played back with Qiyang just left from the door when it reveals a helpless eyes Chongni.
  Bah, she was not his pet!
  Five minutes later, Qiyang drive over first red Qi Yue said: “sister in law, I eat well, I see the child, you quickly back to the table to eat.”
  Qi Yue smiled: “eat up so fast?”
  Qiyang smiled and replied: “the army anxious to eat, used.Rego do not know where it keep out of trouble, slowly, so the military brothers for a moment joke.”
  Qi Yue smile face fell when she said: “I ask slowly, and there are a lot of people in the military do his jokes?”
  Qiyang first froze a moment, then, do not jump red in the face to change the mouth: “No joke, we all secretly with school Rego.Slowly good, keep stomach.”
  He was pleased to see the rule to live together, Song Sisi ease of mind, did not suppress the mouth, was immediately found Qiyang, he turned around and asked her: “Dr. Song, I just did wrong?”
  Song Sisi again stretched his face, holding chopsticks aside rice, just do not respond to her, but Qiyang pulled a stool to sit next to her, facial features flying: “My wife is delicate to eat, I will also learn the point.”
  Qiyang such a sweet face that can be put down, Qi Yue did not listen, and they do not call, I put down a rattle in his hand, holding the Ya-Ya out of the room.
  Behind Song Sisi was ringing voice: “What nonsense?Go out quickly, do not bother me to dinner.”
  ”OK, I do not pull up, I quietly with you.”
  ”I see your face no appetite.”
  ”Then I turn away?”
  Qi Yue can not help Puchi, Yaya puzzled, clutching her hair hanging down his head and shouting “Ma Ma”.
  Qi Yue pat her hand to rescue hair, and leaned over and kissed her one: “You and your aunt and uncle soon goodThe.”
  Yaya seem to understand, is pleased to Hanliaoliangsheng 广州桑拿网“Auntie”, perhaps the second sound was cry uncle, but she will not send the “father” of this sound, they are shouting became aunt.
  See the mother and daughter over, Chen Lao Ya-Ya took to feeding, but the original Song Jin was the first step to reach out: “Ya-Ya, grandfather hold you to dinner, OK?”
  Yaya rolled his eyeball, see Ma Ma nodded, he showed with a little milk teeth smile upon the original Song Jin out fat arm.

  A long while, ink sleeve head before the Court answered a God.

  He reached the Sun Yun led to h南宁夜生活网is side, so she sat down on the stool, “ink heart sleeve Court has been scattered, it is estimated that soon will become a thing of the.”He paused, warm voice asked:” I did not go out with the junior sister apprentice for many years traveled junior sister apprentice can have a look at where you want to go?”
  Sun Yun jerked his hand over his mouth with the other, his face still conceal his astonishment.She hesitated and said: “Brother?”
  Ink Sleeve Court also inherits the door handing out hundreds of years, he has also been a highly acclaimed generation of heroes, but knowing when Tangjiazhuang calamity, why he chose nothing to do with it inaccessible.
  Such rivers and lakes, is indeed broken from the root yard.
  He also thought about Zhang Jian Xia Bank, he was with rivers and lakes in the atmosphere have to disregard life and death 北京体验网of other sects.
  If the rivers and lakes were destroyed, he is with some regret, it can have nothing to say.Because when he himself can not afford “great swordsman, for country and people,” this sentence.
  ”At that time, both of us with years of accumulated possessions repairing some of the how.You do not always want to go look at it from north to south scenery, such as after handling these chores, so she took my wife and two children a tour of how elegant the north and south?”
  Sun Yun held their husband’s hand, laughed softly, the sound should be “good”.
  At least their family are still together, that’s enough.
  After half, today His Majesty inscription, thanks to the Shaolin Temple “the first Temple,” the plaque.
  It marks the Shaolin Temple was officially incorporated into the imperial forces, no longer belong to the forces of rivers and lakes.
  On the same day, the head of the ink cuff Court announced that he will resign from the post of the head, but it has not announced candidates for the head of the ink sleeve Excellency term.
  Well-informed people a sense of loss after hearing the news at heart, guess the meaning behind the head of the ink cuff Court.
  Ink sleeve Excellency term head of the candidate or a good guess, not surprisingly, is the Song Heng, but now head of the ink cuff Court did not let Song Heng advantage of the opportunity to announce to succeed ink cuff Court, it is estimated that.Court sleeve ink is selected to stop heritage.
  And as one of the parties Song Heng frankly accept this fact.

  She is not real heavy wear, but the soul from another dynasty, Meng Ran.When they find themselves into another person, but also a different world, Shen Pei is not no horror, but it is also God have mercy on her right.

  Allowed her to live a return.
  As for past life, it should be dead right.
  Even dead, the living death is better than losing everything alive.
  However, Bangladesh has remorse for their past, have resigned, but in the end had found no trace of love, after all, she’s outcome can be quite find any tricks, but ended up covered with tired, everyone stood opposite her teasing her magic in the monarch, paper wealth.
  Coincidentally, this has turned out to be the owner of the body, like her previous life, disguised as a man entry into official.But Meng Ran Thus arises the trace of goodwill but after Shen Pei learned of memory, quickly come to naught.
  Shen Pei luck is very good, much better than her, and then had to admit this point Meng, a variety of coincidence that she successfully managed to pass the imperial examination, into the career success.
  But she actually so careless, because a passing interest and exchange women took to the streets, even if it is with a curtain away, but I got when North Korea Heng Wang Highness saw the true capacity.
  Hang attracted to the king in the palace banquet temptation again and again.
  Unfortunately, the king of the constant is not the Sentimental young Shen Pei, but Meng however, there have been disguised as a man of the 12th year of experience, this little trick if it can not respond, she would not do most big week Past a young Saisuke.
  And why so much fuss Wang Heng, is it trying to catch her handle, so she used his?There are even more unbearable or shabby in mind.
  Candlelight den, Meng beautiful natural eye micro-coagulation, gently pinching the hands of white porcelain teacup.
  Six products from the princes and editing, on the position, really bad days to do, but she does not mean helpless.
  Both to the security of, from now on, she is the Shen Pei.
  This time, she will never lose.
  Hall herbal curl, no significant boring, actually more than a hint of serenity indifferent.
  When the e深圳桑拿网mperor towards a no or very easy, if not three meals a day of Yao and those memorials marking the better.
  No palace on the Queen Mother, the absence of concubines, the clear quiet Ye Hao, Xiao letter on the house in the palace, rarely go out.
  But when you see a written request for a transfer suriko Shen Pei, or micro paused, Shenpei Han Lin Qinggui, but also officials in the capital, and smooth career, Shen Pei intriguing touches request.

Learn not to go abroad ah.

Zhou Ruolan once, too, but her English bad to the extreme, refusing to go to unfamiliar abroad, so read three in the country.

School bell rang, Lee raw silk turned and sat upright, Zhou Ruolan whispered against Zhu Jia charge, “One thing I have not told you.”

“what’s up?”Zhu Jia Dutch ignorant lift.

“Your ex-boyfriend Qi Yu do not?”Zhouruo Lan said,” One time, I went to Si Jin, Qi Yu to see the results of her classroom, and said to her chase.”

Zhou Ruolan been concealed from it, but now Zhu Jia charge and Linsi Jin Hello my good Hello everyone, she would provoke the opening.

From now on the actual development, Zhu Jia charge is true and Qi Yu broke up.Too many variables, she can have a way to know on by Zhu Qi Yu Jia charge or Linsi Jin hooked it?

the answer is negative.

So also was abducted from that episode starts to be reliable, that the accid南宁夜网ent also least likely to be the butterfly effect.

Since you want to use that time trafficking, will provoke the Netherlands Zhu Jia, after all, it is Linsi Jin Zhu Jia Dutch cousin, Zhu Jia charge if the hate Linsi Jin, harsh verbal, make especially uncomfortable Linsi Jin.

When she stopped to think about how you can successfully make Linsi Jin was abducted.

  A get in a hurry to marry Chen Xi, in addition to her this party.

  Wang Cuihua dinner went to find her talk, and said something very philosophical words: “Marriage is the second reincarnation woman, big Nier, you can be sure to keep your eyes open pick!”
  Chen Xi: “.My aunt did not want to be reborn.”
  Wang Cuihua: “You are stupid!”
  Wang Cuihua various relatives example for a long time, and finally feel 孺子不可教也, angrily go out.
  With the door slamming sounded, Chen Xi finally find peace and quiet world.
  She was paralyzed, like lying on the table, ready to take a break, before the first round to experience the Internet, said the seven Regardless of eight aunt to marry fancy, really terrible.
  But less than three seconds, and the door was sounded: “Great Nier, I am your younger brother, can you come in?”
  Chen Xi stood up to open the door, this time Chen Yi came to her what happened, not to marry is right.
  Fortunately, Chen Yi said not to marry thing.
  ”Great Nier, I want to go out to find a living.”
  Chen Xi was surprised: “younger brother, you have retirement pay, and find out what is good to make a living ah?”
  ”You are busy, I’m a big man very boring at home, go out and make some money Ye see the world.”Explains Chen Yi, said this time, and looked a little lonely.
  Chen Xi inexplicable little nervous: “Your younger brother is not short of money?You told me.”
  She recently too busy, quite frankly ignores the younger brother.It will not be the younger brother of attack right leg?
  ”What I do not thing.”Chen Yi smiled and scowled, looked serious:” I was forty years old, I would like to play for the national point of light and heat.”
  Chen Xi carefully looked younger brother for a long time, look out he is serious.
  Indeed, the whole family strong labor are on the outside to do business, he is the only adult in the house holding a static retirement mixed with food to die, who would not mind living in one very comfortable, self-esteem, not to mention a great enterprise Chen Yi the man.
  What’s more, his surname Chen.
  As the only elder Chen, he wanted to set an example.
  Chen Xi asked him: “younger brother, you want nothing to do yet?”
  ”My former comrades, many of them都市体验网 have to do bodyguard.”Chen Yi thought a moment and said,.
  Bodyguards responsible for personal safety, as well as responsible for the security of the bank bill.
  But there is a disadvantage, and that is dangerous.
  ”No.”Chen Xi decisively rejected:” Well, I’ll find you a living, you wait a few days I.”
  Chen Yi’s leg injury could have been there, how she could let him do that hard and dangerous work.

Chapter 83 is a patriarchal (xix)?(Finish)

  Always inadvertently past years, between the eyes blinked, the people around there are a lot has changed, in the past ten years, already entered the twentieth century, S Banjiu half the city had a new combination of city, has been completely revised the city, in the decade between open repeatedly reorganization, restructuring and apart, and become full of a sense of futuristic science and technology, economic prosperity, the road more, hurried and from the silence of the pedestrian, they live in this effort, hoping one day to accumulate enough wealth in the future, putting down roots in the city.
  Location area south of the center of the trumpet, so there is a landmark high-rise, as the office is established, the system total sixty-five story, give all leased to various companies, every night, the lights, the whole building plug full of people, of course, due to the geographical advantages, the rent money, if insufficient financial companies, which generally do not choose in office.
  Clean work area with blue separated by partitions, one is a station, each stocked with computers, here is the leading mobile game production studio, the studio released the past few years several games, are well known, a record high profits, companies can receive, generally only final year students in the crowd can do, which can be said to be elite pool, clearing the.
  ”Xiaoping, Xiao-ping, you look at this software.”Linxiao Zhen is a copy of the group, she was busy project at hand, began the daily catch fish, which is the company’s permit, she quickly found friends together into the company’s Pei Xiaoping recommended them,” This is a measure of the name of good and bad software, the analysis will be good or bad name, than to see what constellation more useful.”Ever since the break up, she became a superstition specialist, not watching horoscope, what is considered the astrolabe, before also dabbled in Tarot, now turned around, went to the traditional tellers, look at the name on top.
  Pei Xiaoping just finished a story, she relaxed leaning back, helplessly watched friends: “This program algorithm things are set in the background, how can we do it a quasi?”
  ”How can you say?”Linxiao Zhen immediately resist, she cleared his throat and spoke the resolution,” Look at me this name, knows it, there is dawn, the dawn of meaning, like the rising sun, full of vitality, it is on behalf of Jane treasure.”She recited, did not observe this thing can check in the dictionary, the” old before I asked my father and mother, how to take the name, they said let myself open book, really, nothing like the others, is What ancient poetry excerpt, then there is meaning.Do you not know that you check to see?”
  ”No, I know.”Pei Xiaoping refused this thing, she is grown under socialist new youth, though holidays, or will follow the bye, but this does not mean that she believed these things,” my dad said to me the meaning of my name.”
  ”what?”Linxiao Zhen very curious, she thought Xiaoping and like her, the name is taken lightly, after all, from small to large, she met Li Dai Ping, the name can about good laps.
  Pei Xiaoping smiled and recalled the past –
  Brother childhood love to ask questions, when she was on the first two days, my brother also only the third grade, when I do not know what the lesson is learned, and the students or the school has talked to this, he went home and asked his father and sister own name What is the meaning, 广州桑拿网then Pei Xiaoping can not help but wonder looked up, probably all the girls at heart, there is a nice name to dream about?
  Then what kinda popular non-mainstream, Martian, give all the novel is Mary Sue, a lot of female students around, secretly in the book gave himself a new name, what a dream, butterflies, birds, tears.In this way, matched female controls novel common surname, the revival has Ouyang, Shangguan, there are single surname Gu, Su.She also followed several times around the corner, after all, Xiao-ping name, indeed, some ordinary, and no special meaning, the name she would excuse pseudonym, to their circle several names, what Ouyang fluttering butterflies Su Yu, now always and only wanted to destroy memory.
  Then my father would a brother hold down, sly smile: “You guess, what is the meaning of your name?”
  ”do not know!”Pei Zaihao stop chest, of course, he was third grade, why do you want to know what the meaning of his name?Hao super hard to write a word, several times he wanted to fight and father, why he can not be called Pei child, have the children, he must give him and named eleven!
  ”That name is very simple, that my son is the meaning of heroes.”Pei Naochun immediate answers, with a look that is nonsense joke, directly come to a literal literal translation.
  ”So powerful it?”Peizi Hao was believed, his voice, went to the sofa and sat with my father, shaking his dad,” then I’ll be a hero right?”He recently fascinated, in addition to the regular TV broadcast Ultraman Tiga, who is a war film, and every time to see whole-heartedly, I can not wait to drill into the next second fight together on TV.

  Qi Ying woke up in his arms.

  Eyes open when it stumbled, in his little head ah rub rub necks, lips grazed his chin with soft moist.
  Let the body like electricity through the season, trembled a little, he whispered to her: “woke up?”
  She nodded, rubbed his eyes, smiled and let season, bending over to put her down.Qi Ying standing on the ground was completely woke up, blinked, what suddenly thought, spread out his hand looked nothing.
  Weiweiququ make their sights season.
  I do candied fruit?
  Season let laugh: “the enemy, the next buy.”He put his head down for her re-fasten the scarf:” Go home, get a good sleep.”
  Qi enantiomer nodded obediently.
  Got home, uncle they fall asleep, she softly went and took a shower, then climbed on the bed to sleep.Uncle know she came back in the morning, I did not come to call her, sleep sleep directly lunch.
  After dinner, the family going to visit relatives, go over there is the aunt’s relatives, Ying Qi do not know, Yu Cheng did not want her gone uncomfortable, and gave her to stay two hundred, let her afternoon students go about their own eat delicious food.
  Yu Zhuo envy was not, he was the most annoying relatives, especially hate those relatives asked him how many points final exam.Unfortunately, he had to go, listless listless child followed his parents to go out.
  Ying Qi leaving her, let her give a message to tell his own season woke up, but did not receive a reply杭州桑拿, probably still asleep.Yue gave pear hair, about her afternoon out shopping.
  Yue pear sent a crying face: I visit relatives in the countryside, so I came back again about ah!
  It seems everyone in the New Year’s Day visit relatives, Qi Ying thought, simply pick up the bags go to the library.Fortunately, the State Public Library, this time also open, very empty shop, basically she was the only person.
  Ying Qi made the next afternoon sophomore chemistry problem, again before the next semester English words back a few units, five points more time before leaving, carrying a bag standing in front of the library search of the investigation the map, ready to find a home restaurant to eat something delicious.
  Is check the map perimeter, a black Lincoln car stopped in front of her, roll down the window, saved with a burst of light fragrance of forest Heating.
  Ji Wei Yan gentle smile greeted her: “Little girl, I also know it?”
  Qi wrapped his face reflected in the scarf, there are trace eye juicy Qieyi, nodded slightly.
  Ji Wei Yan see that she was a little nervous, opened the door to go down and warm Yeung said: “I am a season to let dad, I would like to invite you to eat a meal, you can do?”
  Qi Ying grabbed the bag with your fingers, do not know or refused to answer.
  She does not like contact with people who are not familiar with, but also know not just on someone else’s car.
  This may be the general’s father uncle.

  Lu Jersey obviously drunk, unresponsive, is pleased to see the warm hand back, and then put on the cup to his lips to send, Gu did not sleep Elam, and other land Jersey finished, she said: “I want to go first, you and I want to go with me?”

  Lu Jersey eyes are hazy: “Where are you going ah?”
  ”Come back home.”
  Lu Jersey said: “Oh, you can go home, I play with while.”
  Gu sleepless smiled, pleased to look to the warm, mouth smile: “Then could you help me take care of Jersey, and I still do, go first.”
  Wen is pleased for a moment, I did not think how, sleep care will actually take the initiative to push her to land Jersey!
  I do not know why, Gu sleepless eyes always made her uncomfortable.
  Angela got 北京夜网a sleep Gu has, over the land Jersey, she stopped again in front of temperature pleased, pleased condescending looked warm, undisguised scorn and ridicule in the eyes, she suddenly smiled, leaned down, one hand resting lightly Wen is pleased shoulders, bright red lips leaned into her ear, whispered: “girl, you do not have such pains, act like a buffoon, I do not want this man, even though you like it took on when I I gave you a birthday present.”
  Wen pleased body of a stiff, pupil dilation moment off.
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  What Nvwaniangniang god created man, planted herbs that sort of thing, it sounds, is very do not fly.

  However, the epiphany of the mountains, this sentence, it touches warm up nine pay attention.
  She is magical herbs found in Dagushan where we say, Dagushan is an epiphany of mountain?
  Indeed, with mountains elsewhere Dagushan, they are different.
  Conceived in Dagushan where Mrs. Wolf, so great.
  Other animals, are also very big.
  Is it, in this world, the gods really do exist?
  The gods in the end what it was like?
  Wen nine do not know if there are gods in this world really do not know, magical herbs, what is not said revive grass Zao.
  However, she felt, resurrection grass that name very well, than magical herbs called up, as it happened child.
  She decided, later, called magical herbs to revive grass.
  ”Miss tables, table Miss.”Wen Zao see nine in a daze, she could not help calling out loud.
  Wen nine recovered: “Thank y杭州龙凤网ou Mr. Zhao reminder.”
  Zao Wou-ki said yes, resurrection grass efficacy good, this thing is almost a magic pill, so magical efficacy, naturally everyone wants, and let people know the kind of greedy, and perhaps think use it to change a lot of money too!
  Wen nine has always been the spirit of saving lives first, money second attitude to the use of this resurrection grass.
  She can not let more people know, in case will lead to calamity.
  However, this drug, she was starting, however, have to pay attention to ways the job.You like to watch the novel, how can we not concerned about the public number, V letter Search: rdww444 or heat wangwen, network text chat with it?

  1157 requires talent

  Wen listed nine wanted to practice medicine in the capital, her good health care facilities to a bigger.
  Now consider the cloud home and a variety of other conditions such as Xiao Hou Fu, this matter can not be put into action.
  Wen nine and not the other woman in this day and age, is to rely on family attachment, or a man to survive.
  Although she knew that even if she did not want a way to make money, whether or Xiao Yu goes home, do not let her deprivation.
  But, after all, she was not a free man can live, or have to do something, to live his life interesting job.
  Do not do health care facilities, however, she still wants to do the pharmaceutical industry.
  Tian Lu drug business before with the beam of cooperation with Wen nine do not want to give up.
  In addition, she has been studying these days pharmaceutical prescription, Wen nine think it can bring a lot of benefits.
  But now, nine felt warm relationship with the land and the house, but also a little embarrassed.

Yu Yao TOWER TOWER  Junjuxinjia Rongbao Qihunyanjuan Haojuanpingfei Fan ご Benyenguilian Qunjigaolian fine holmium Tsang Chengtuan  meat Chi Lu Chu Jianzuibanghai ?

TOWER TOWER holmium Weng Que quince Hua Qiu adze Han Tian Yue River silicon Huang Bang tea Ran adze Yen Huang Hao identifying diseases Lim quit crossbeam for hanging bells TOWER Chu dirt深圳桑拿网 Heng Han Yu shoulder Zhen Juan adze Chu Nan Lu shoulder boil raw silk Hay Liren holmium Xu Feng Tao  Hong Chenchatongjian  Cejuanzhanxiu Banggukanmo Chu ?
TOWER TOWER Yao Yu  Wei  Jiantanbangren Hong  fine holmium off Posing Shi ㄧ Cornus Jiao Ling  Banghongbenguu ㄨ Fortunately, Yi Yi í Chen Eren Huankangsanjuan  Jiu Elsie Zhi Chichi Hay Cenzhuanzanping Luo Zhu holmium?